Better relationship

between people and dogs

Welcome! If you are like us, your pet has become a family member. Since 2002, we have helped hundreds of families learn to live in peace and harmony using a perspective of a win-win relationship.

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Improving behavior

means making changes

Fixing problem behaviors means a change with human behavior, a change with the environmnet, a change with the dog's emotional reaction and teaching basic fundamentals.

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Dogs have choice,

we just need to teach them to work with us

The power of choice is amazing. You will learn how to teach your dog impulse control around a variety of distractions and to use the premack principle to get desired behaviors and to have more enjoyment with your dog.

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Control and obedience

isn't about the equipment but your relationship

Strive for a well-behaved dog. Positive training allows your dog to be a willing participant in their own training.

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K9  Partnership



Private Training

One-on-one private lessons with you, your family and your dog. Puppies to seniors ~all breeds ~all behaviors*

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Coaching  Shelter/Rescues/fosters

We are available to provide coaching to shelter staff, rescue staff and foster volunters to get those dogs adopted!

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Day Training

Busy family life? Want a well-mannered dog? Let the expert on-board the behavior and fold the family in to maintain taught behaviors.

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Pet Professional Guild

Pet Professional Guild members understand force-free to mean: no shock, no pain, no choke, no fear, no physical force, no compulsion based methods are employed and YES you can get a well -behaved dog including behavioral issues and high-drive dogs.


Why certify dog trainers?   Establishing a credentialing program strengthens the reputation of a profession. This credetial indicates that the trainer has sought out a credentialing program and has passed the requirements.

SF/SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers 

SF/SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers operated from 2000-2010. Daphne graduated in 2002 and continued in their 240hr dog aggression internship and received honors. Billed as the Havard School for dog trainers.

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