Thought-Based Approach


Meet The Trainer  aka Kick The Tires

Do you know what you are paying for? I have over 18 years of dog training experience. This is a discounted price service so that you can meet me and see how I would work with you, your family and your dog(s).


One-on-One Services

Contact me for specific details

  • Pre-Ownership

  • Individual Private Lessons

  • Coaching Package

  • Day Training

  • Behavior Consults


Lectures, Clinics & Workshops

I'm available to speak to your dog club or dog group about any topic on behavior and training.  I'm willing to work with shelters or rescue groups and have a lecture topic be a way of fundraising for you.

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Get Empowered
with K9 Partnership

Take Control of Your Relationship

I’m an experienced Coaching Professional who can help shape your perspective into a healthy and productive one.  I’ll help you develop the habits and skills to effectively deal with the challenges and emotional moments you may encounter with your dog. 

I'm Not For Everyone - We don't always mesh with the people we work with. START with my Meet The Trainer service. You'll get to meet me and how I would work with you. There are plenty of non-credentialed and credentialed trainers in the area. You need to feel good about the 'trainer' and trust them with your dog. I will be listening to your needs and goals so that I can best teach you the skills and concepts necessary to grow your relationship with your dog. The client receives reading homework and emails with relevant instructional videos.  

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