After adopting my first puppy I was looking for someone to train me and my dog.  A chance meeting at "Bark in the Park" put me in contact with Daphne.  
After studying her website, I was praying that she would agree to work with Macy Gray and me. 
Over the next 4 months, Daphne met with us in different settings to work on basic commands and showed me how to help my dog (and me) deal with people, dogs and everything else that is out there in the big scary world. 
Her positive reinforcement methods are incredibly refreshing and fun.  My goal was the use clicker training for Macy and it has turned out to be the best decision I made for her.  Daphne is a wonderful teacher and has a great sense of humor.  Both Macy and I enjoyed every meeting.   We worked hard; laughed a lot and always left with a renewed enthusiasm for learning.
Her constant support via e-mail and phone, when we were not meeting in person, and her endless knowledge and enthusiasm for all things animal, gave me the practical advice I needed to solve a problem before it would get worse; books and other material to read that enriched my knowledge; and YouTube videos to watch so I could see how experienced people were teaching their dog the behavior I was trying to teach Macy Gray.
Daphne's move to Seattle is a great loss to us but I will follow her on Facebook, and whenever she's back in the Bay Area to teach a workshop, we will be there!  We are a fan forever!! - G.P  Morgan Hill, CA


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